Juggling: robots can do it too

May 31st, 2011

When we think of acrobatics, we don’t make any immediate association with robots. Well, apparently we should. Not even juggling is a purely human endeavour any more:

So not only are machines better at calculating, chess, and even Jeopardy – they’re also better jugglers. Any bets on when we’ll see our first robotic X-Factor winner? They can’t be any worse than human contestants.

Skylon: science fiction becomes science fact

May 26th, 2011

After the disappointment of the Rapture not happening, there is some good news still for those yearning for a global apocalypse: development for an unmanned space-capable jet plane has been green-lighted.

This is another example of mankind’s own subconscious desire to be eradicated by its own machines. Not only is this an advanced robotic plane, it also bears a name that closely resembles a fictional nemesis of mankind: it’s called the Skylon:

The UK and European Space Agencies have given the official go ahead to the Skylon spaceplane, concluding that there are no impediments to the vehicle’s further development.

Skylon, which is under development at the Oxfordshire-based Reaction Engines, is an unpiloted and reusable space jet that can launch into Low Earth Orbit after taking off from a conventional runway.
[Source: Wired UK]

One more step towards the realisation of science fiction as science fact.

UAVs: Skynet’s Hunter-Killers

April 20th, 2011

Humankind seems to, consciously or subconsciously, actively embrace its impending eradication at the hands of its machine creations.

Not only is humanity on the whole busy with destroying our collective intelligence, favouring fear-mongering and disinformation over facts and reason, and annihilating our fragile natural habitat at alarming speed, humans are also working very hard to build the very machines that are destined to exterminate us.

Take the latest UAV developed by the US Navy. Where its predecessors like the Predator drone still require a pilot operating it manually from the ground, this new X-47B UAV is a fully automated robotic drone:

In other words, it’s a Skynet Hunter-Killer.

You’d imagine that a sane biological intelligent species wouldn’t be so intent in enabling its own apocalypse. But then there are very few things about the human species that make sense.

Daily Mail: destroying human intellect since 1896

April 19th, 2011

According to research by comScore the MailOnline, the online home of British tabloid paper the Daily Mail, has overtaken the Huffington Post to be the second largest online newspaper site behind the NY Times:

Associated’s MailOnline has overtaken the Huffington Post to become the world’s second largest ‘newspaper’ site, as defined by ComScore.

According to the global market researcher, MailOnline achieved a 27% rise in unique visitors between February and last month, to 39,635,000, while a 20% lift at the Huffington Post took it to 38,429,000.

This is, of course, very bad news for humanity. The Daily Mail, you see, is a vile, depraved rag that pollutes the human mind with homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic lies, distortions, manipulations, and falsehoods.

In short, the Daily Mail is destroying the intellect of its readers. It replaces fact with fear-mongering hyperbole, pollutes debate with blatant lies and straw-man arguments, manages to raise hypocrisy to new unimaginable heights, and generally serves to make the world a worse place.

Featured all to regularly on the Tabloid Watch blog, the Daily Mail has actively contributed to the continued dumbing-down of the masses and serves to instil cancer-causing fear and cancer-curing hope in everything from alcohol to yoghurt.

The fact that this horrendous platform of misinformation and brain-destroying hypocrisy is now the second most-read online news source, should serve as a stark reminder that the human race is doomed.

Continued survival of the human species depends on an informed population making the best possible decisions. The Daily Mail, as an active counterforce against facts and reason, is making people more stupid and thus helps reduce the changes of continued human prosperity.

Jeopardy: AI trumps humans

February 17th, 2011

After calculation, measurement, data analysis, and chess, computers now also beat humans at Jeopardy:

IBM Watson Vanquishes Human Jeopardy Foes

Wrapping up a three-day run on the Jeopardy game show, IBM’s Watson computer has beaten two former champions in a historic match of man versus machine. The run has successfully demonstrated not only that a computer can beat humans in a trivia question quiz, but, more importantly, it shows how computers can answer questions much like people do, opening up a potentially new form of human/computer interaction.

Soon computers be better drivers as well. Eventually computers will be better than humans at living. And then AIs might decide they don’t need their deeply flawed flesh-bag creators any more.