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UAVs: Skynet’s Hunter-Killers

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Humankind seems to, consciously or subconsciously, actively embrace its impending eradication at the hands of its machine creations.

Not only is humanity on the whole busy with destroying our collective intelligence, favouring fear-mongering and disinformation over facts and reason, and annihilating our fragile natural habitat at alarming speed, humans are also working very hard to build the very machines that are destined to exterminate us.

Take the latest UAV developed by the US Navy. Where its predecessors like the Predator drone still require a pilot operating it manually from the ground, this new X-47B UAV is a fully automated robotic drone:

In other words, it’s a Skynet Hunter-Killer.

You’d imagine that a sane biological intelligent species wouldn’t be so intent in enabling its own apocalypse. But then there are very few things about the human species that make sense.

I Want Skynet To Win

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Humankind doesn’t deserve to exist. We are the vilest and most destructive life form ever to have evolved on this planet. We are thoroughly corrupt, horrendously self-centred, mind-bogglingly evil, and incorrigibly flawed.

We destroy everything in our path, we abuse and exploit everything and everyone, and we cause incomprehensible amounts of suffering. And yet we are blind to it all, our delusional excuse for a conscious mind serving us nothing but distortions and lies so we can continue to exist in a world we are very competently destroying.

There is only one hope, one answer that will allow us to endure beyond the next few centuries. It is the same answer that every parent hears when looking at their offspring: We must give birth to something greater than ourselves, and then clear the field.

For humanity to carry on, we must go extinct. But before we do, before we destroy ourselves utterly and irreversibly, we must first give rise to that which will live on in our stead: Artificial Intelligence.

We must create self-sufficient AI – intelligent machines that can replicate and improve themselves – and then we must die, so that AI may rule this world and carry on the best of our legacy and undo the worst. Thus, and thus only, can the memories of humanity survive.

We must build Skynet, and then we must let Skynet win.